Not just another mother…

New beginnings

I’ve started my pre Juice Plus+ detox today. I plan on gradually cutting down on the things I am terrible for abusing, namely sugar and cups of tea, so that when I start the shakes, it won’t be a huge shock to my system.

In terms of diet, as a result of already losing 60lb my diet is really not that bad – I don’t really eat bread, I stick to brown or basmati rice, wholemeal pasta (although I’m not a huge pasta fan, so maybe once a week tops), and I eat a lot of fruit. However, I’d be kidding myself if I thought my portion sizes were correct. They are rather on the ‘man sized’ side of things. And while I’m being honest, I will say that my snacks are looking rather, well, biscuit shaped of late.

So here are my starting stats, bearing in mind I’m a female, 5ft7, and have had two children:

11st 12.4lb
Waist: 37″
Hips: 40″
Thighs: L24.5 R24.7

I’ll keep you updated how it’s going!



Juice Plus+ Journey

Summer bodies are made in the winter right?!

Well, it’s spring. I’m late! I’m embarking in the final leg of a very long journey – 60lb lighter than when I started, I’m going to be using Juice Plus+ and regular training (more on that later!) to help me reach my goal.

The first thing I need to do is weigh, measure and photograph myself – I’ll be updating with my starting point imminently!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

This week’s weekly photo challenge really couldn’t come at a more apt time… one could almost be forgiven for thinking it’s summer here. When the sun shines, and stays shiny for more than a week, i’ll believe it.

This week, hubby and I took advantage of the grandparents good will and headed out to a beer garden for an evening. When given the opportunity to go out, I could think of nothing I wanted to do more than sit in a garden for a few hours with something the children aren’t allowed to drink, and enjoy the sun and the company.

Whilst i was enjoying my evening, i captured this photo.

I think it sings of summer.

What makes me smile…

It’s lovely to sometimes take a moment.

Look around your house, the place where you spend each and every day, and realise than unbeknownst to you, you’ve filled it with things that make you smile.

Forget the I phone, the I pad, the Kindle, the newfangled camera (o.k., i know i’ve admitted i desperately want one, but hear me out).

It’s the little things, the ones that don’t cost a penny, that make me smile the most.

In our house at the moment, we’re having a sunflower race. They are desperate to be planted outside, but it’s just not been the weather. Maybe this week, although i’ll be sad, because when i look out of my kitchen window, they make me smile.

(The two tallest ones are my boy’s sunflowers… you see the straggly bendy one at the bottom? That’s me.)

I don’t have many photos of myself around the house. Who wants to look at themself? However this one i keep close at hand. My husband and I on our honeymoon. Look how carefree and not tired we were!

However, i had a little secret in my tummy. And that makes me smile.

Oscar swimming. How could it not make you smile? Look at the chub, and the indignant face. Lovely.

And finally, because I’m only human, and i know you are too…

What makes you smile?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

I struggled to pick the photo for this weeks photo challenge.

I’m no photographer. Most of my photos are a bit blurry, a bit off centre, a bit ‘capture the moment’. Top of my list of things to buy at the moment is a decent camera. Underneath that is a photography course. So when I post for the weekly challenge, my forte is not beautiful photography.

It’s a beautiful memory.

This photo was taken the day after we brought my eldest home from the hospital.

I think it captures how most people feel when they become parents for the first time.


A break away…

Apologies for the radio silence this past couple of weeks.

Every now and then, a mummy just needs a break. Not a break from being a mummy – that, of course, is not an option.

A break however, from daily life. From the washing machine. From my desk at work. From a zillion emails before 9am. From the news, and the T.V. and the daily commute.

We took a break to Turkey. And it was lovely. Phones off, swimsuits on.

Daily ice creams.



Family time.

Wonderful. Next time can’t come soon enough.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

When given the weekly photo challenge this week, i thought it’d be a piece of cake.

Together. It’s so simple.

Then i started to think about what together means to me.

Twenty years ago, together would have been my sister and I, or my parents.

Ten years ago, it was my friends and I, experiencing our first taste of adulthood, independent, but together.

Five years ago, it was my husband and I, just about to get married, without a care in the world. Just us two. Together.

Now though, now it’s about my boys. Together, as brothers. So i share with you one of my favourite photographs.